Do I have to top up before I can use my Bee Card and is there a minimum top up amount?

Yes, you’ll need to top up a minimum of $5.00 when you order a Bee Card through this website.

If you are loading a SuperGold Concession on to a Bee Card you do not have to top up when purchasing the card but we recommend it so that you can use your Bee Card to travel during non-free periods.

How long does it take for the top up to show on my Bee Card?

Online transactions generally go through the system within 12 hours and show on your Bee Card when you tag on. In the meantime, your money is sitting under pending transactions in your online account.

How does Auto Top Up work?

Auto Top Up ensures that you’ll always have enough balance on your Bee Card to pay your fare. When your Bee Card balance drops below your selected amount, your card is automatically topped up.

We’ll send you an email each time your Auto Top Up is triggered. Please ensure you have sufficient funds to allow us to debit the correct amount. Your Auto Top Up will stay in effect until you put a hold on it or cancel it.

Auto Top UpClick here for instructions on loading your Auto Top Up

What if my payment fails on an Auto Top Up?

If your payment fails, you will receive an email letting you know, and encouraging you to check your associated payment card. Once the issue is resolved which caused the failed payment, you will need to restart the Auto Top Up for this to work again.

Please note that any bank fees that are charged as a result of insufficient funds in your account are your responsibility.