How it Works

Travel better with Bee

The Bee Card is your new electronic smart card for using a variety of travel options. It’s easy to use, gets you boarding faster, and for most trips is cheaper than using cash.

You will be able to use the same Bee Card in all 10 of our participating regions! Your balance will apply for every region, with the same Tag On - Tag Off procedure everywhere you travel.

How do I get a Bee Card?

There are two ways to get a new Bee Card:


  • Order online and have it posted to you free of charge.
  • When you receive your Bee Card go online to activate it.
  • Start using your Bee Card to ride the bus, Te Huia Train, or Queenstown Ferries!

In person

  • Pick up your Bee Card from your local customer service point, your driver, Te Huia's Cafe, or Queenstown Ferries. Please click the regions at right for contact details or web information specific to your region.
  • Start using your Bee Card to ride the bus, Te Huia train, or Queenstown Ferries!
  • We recommend you register your card online to access the benefits of registration.

Community Connect Bee Cards are free. All other Bee Cards cost $5 for all regions, both in person and when ordered online.

Find out more by selecting your regional information page from the list on the right.

When you order your card online you will need to top your card up with a minimum of $5.

For SuperGold Card users, card costs and top up requirements are different, go here for more information on SuperGold.

Why register your Bee Card?

Registering your card online helps keep your card and balance safe, and makes it easier to manage.

  • Top up online
  • Set up Auto Top Up so you never have to worry about topping up again
  • Protect your balance if your card is lost or stolen
  • Manage more than one Bee Card with a linked account
  • If you're eligible, you can load your concession.

If you already have a Bee Card you can register it here.

Using your Bee Card on the bus, Te Huia Train, or Queenstown Ferries

The Bee Card makes boarding faster, and easier for you. Just tag on by holding your card to the the Bee Card reader as you board.

Woman boarding a bus
Tagging on or off

Don’t forget to tag off as there may be a default charge.

The system will automatically calculate your fare as you leave and debit the amount from your Bee Card. Fares on Te Huia Train and Queenstown Ferries are standard so you do not need to Tag Off.

If you have forgotten to tag off, refer to the list on the right for your regional contact information.

Topping up your Bee Card

You can top up your card online, at your local customer service point, at nominated retailers in your region, and in some regions- on the bus,

Click on your region on the right to find out where you can top up in person.

Top up easily online.

You can also make sure you'll never run out of credit with Bee Card's Auto Top Up feature which automatically tops up your Bee Card when your balance reaches your chosen threshold.

The minimum online top up is $5. The maximum total you can have on your Bee Card is $299.